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Quickview Addon

The Quickview setting is a Pro feature of the ProductX WooCommerce Blocks Plugin. In order to take full advantage of the quick-view settings, you need to have the ProductX Pro Version.

Enabling the Quick View Settings

You can enable the ‘Quick View’ addons from the ProductX Addons menu. It’s the same as enabling any other ProductX Addon.

Quickview Settings
Quickview Settings

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to go to the ‘Settings’ section under ProductX. You’ll find the Quickview settings here.

Quickview jargon

Quickview Settings
Quickview Settings
  • Disable Quickview on Mobile: Disable Quickview on Mobile Devices.
  • Enable Product Navigation: Enable Product Navigation on Quickview Popup.
  • Enable Product Link: Enable Product Link on Popup.
  • Enable Gallery Images: Enable Gallery on Quickview Popup.
  • Enable Cart Redirect: Redirect after adding to cart items.
  • Quick View Text: Change the Quickview button text.
  • Disable Element in QuickView: Disable specific elements from the Quickview popup.
    • Image (Element Disable)
    • Sales (Element Disable)
    • Rating (Element Disable)
    • Title (Element Disable)
    • Price (Element Disable)
    • Stock (Element Disable)
    • SKU (Element Disable)
    • Excerpt (Element Disable)
    • Add to Cart (Element Disable)
    • Category (Element Disable)
    • Tag (Element Disable)

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