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Wishlist Addon

You can implement Wishlist Shortcodes in your Product Page to diversify your storefront.

ProductX WooCommerce Wishlist
ProductX WooCommerce Wishlist

Enabling the ProductX Wishlist

The ProductX Wishlist addon requires you to enable it from the ProductX Addons Option.

ProductX Wishlist Addon
ProductX Wishlist Addon

Once enabled, you can access the wishlist settings from the ProductX settings tab.

Wishlist Addon Jargon

Wishlist Settings
Wishlist Settings
  • Wishlist Page: Select your wishlist page. When you install the ProductX Plugin then automatically a page will be created using [wopb_wishlist] shortcode. You can also create a page using this shortcode.
  • Require Login: Require login for add to Wishlist. [Enable/Disable]
  • Empty Wishlist: Automatically empty wishlist after checkout click. [Enable/Disable]
  • Cart Redirection: Redirect to cart after adding a wishlist. [Enable/Disable]
  • Button Text: Change wishlist button text.
  • Browse Wishlist Text: Change the Browse wishlist button text.
  • Wishlist in Single Page: Enable wishlist in a single page. [Enable/Disable]
  • Position on Single Page: Wishlist button position on a single page. You can change the ‘Before Cart’ and ‘After Cart’ buttons.
  • Action:Popup’ or ‘Added to wishlist’ action.
  • Action after Added: ‘Popup’ or ‘Redirect to Page‘ after added to wishlist.

Read the post on changing the Wishlist settings for a shop page to get a better idea of the settings:

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