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Basic Block Customization

Before we move into the readymade product block customization, here are the basic customization features you will find with any ready product block.

Basic Design Settings

Basic Design Settings
Basic Design Settings

Once you import a ready product block design to your page, you will be greeted with the menu settings on the right. If you don’t find it, just click on the ‘Gear’ icon at the top right. Or you can select the entire block to reveal the design as well.

In the Design Settings Tab, you will find the options to change the layout (available with the pro version) or import another design. You also have the Advanced CSS settings option to add your own bit of code.

In summary, in the basic design settings, you’re getting:

  • The ‘Layout’ of your readymade block design.
  • New block design suggestions.
  • Add additional CSS properties to the design.

The General Settings Tab

General Settings
General Settings

Under the General Settings tab, you will be able to change a lot of aspects. Also, you can Activate / Deactivate necessary features from the General Settings tab. Furthermore, with certain designs, you will have the option to Choose Different Layouts depending on the block design you are using.

Advanced Settings Tab

Advanced Settings
Advanced Settings

The advanced settings tab offers an overall insight into the design of the block. You can take the whole product block and add global settings to it.

So, with the advanced settings tab, you have the option to:

  • Z-index: You can play around with the z-index settings. If you are not familiar with the z-index settings, then you can take a look at them here.  
  • Margin and padding
  • Normal and Hover settings
  • Display responsiveness settings
  • Custom CSS and Additional CSS class adding options

You will be able to do a lot more with the Pro version of our revolutionary ProductX plugin.

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