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Blocks and Layouts

Exploring the ProductX Block Design library

Exploring the ProductX Blocks and Layouts Library

ProductX has a healthy library of pre-made product block designs and starter packs. All these WooCommerce product blocks are highly customizable and super easy to use.

Adding a Premade Block/Starter Pack

How to import product blocks from the ProductX Blocks Library

Adding a premade product block/starter pack is super easy with ProductX. The steps are simple:

  • Add a ‘New Page’ from the ‘Pages‘ section of your WordPress Dashboard.
ProductX Block Library
ProductX Block Library
  • You should see the ProductX ‘Block Editor’ on the top.
  • Click on it and it will reveal all the Pre-made Product Blocks and Starter Packs.
Explore Block Library
  • You have the option to choose either Free or Pro blocks from the list.
  • Just click on the ‘Import‘ button of the design you like.
Design Import
  • And voila! Your favorite product block design is now ready for use.
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