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Query Builder for Product Sorting

The website needs to display its product in the right manner. Your customers should be able to conveniently find the product they are looking for. Also, ProductX’s product sorting feature focus on certain products for them to get exposure. The new and improved product sorting feature lets you easily sort, select, and arrange your products!

Basic Product Sorting

The basic product sorting functionality allows us to display the products in a generalized manner. We can choose specific products or display our user’s most recently viewed products.

Specific Product Sorting

If we want to display only a selected few products; select the “Choose Specific Products” option.

When you select this option, a new field is created below. You can add as many products as you like to display.

Choose Specific Products
Choose Specific Products

Recent View Products

The recent view option will only display the products that your customers have recently viewed. This will be based on the movements of your website’s visitors.

Recent viewed Products
Recent viewed Products

Advance Product Sorting

Advance Sorting
Advance Sorting

Advanced Product Sorting lets you display products more dynamically depending on a set period; It can be from 7 days to 90 days or All times. You can set the criteria to be based on

  • Random Product (7 Days)
  • Random Product (30 Days)
  • Random Product (90 Days)
  • Random Product(All Time)
  • Most Sales (Last 24hr)
  • Most Sales (Last 7 Days)
  • Most Sales (Last 1 Month)
  • Most Sales (Last 3 Month)
  • Most Sales (All Time)
  • Related Product (Tag)
  • Related Product (Category)
  • Related Product (Category & Tag)
  • Top Rated Product (Average)
  • Most Rated Product (Review Count)
  • Most View Products(Last 24hr)
  • Most View Products(Last 7 Days)
  • Most View Products(Last 1 Month)
  • Most View Products(Last 3 Month)
  • Most View Products(All Time)

We can also display items by their tag, categories, or even tags & categories combined.

Display Product Based on Taxonomy

The Taxonomy features let us display products based on categories, tags, or attributes such as colour, size, etc. Only the items that are under the set taxonomy will be displayed in your grid.

Taxonomy Category
Taxonomy Category

You can select the taxonomy value in the field provided, the products will be automatically updated.

We can even display products based on multiple taxonomies. To do so, 

  • Select the Multiple Taxonomy option from the menu.
  • Then, enter multiple taxonomy values. It could be categories, tags, or even specific attributes.
  • Finally, select the taxonomy relation. 
Multiple Taxonomy
Multiple Taxonomy

Select Or, if you want the product to meet at least one taxonomy value.

Select And if you want the product to meet all the Taxonomy values.

Reorder Products

We can arrange the products based on your or your customer’s preference. This lets you decide if you want to display certain products on the front.


Order By

ProductX provides various options to decide how we want to reorder our products. We can arrange them in order by,

  • Date
  • Title
  • Price
  • SKU
  • Random
  • Last Modified Date
  • Popular By Sales
  • Popular By View
  • Top Rated
  • Stock Status

Ascending / Descending

Since the values can be quantified, we can arrange them in either ascending or descending order. For example, If we select date as the criteria to reorder our products. Descending order will show the latest products in the beginning but if we select ascending, the oldest products will be displayed ahead.

Including / Excluding Products

We can also opt to display or not display particular products with exclude product, Include Author, or Exclude Author options.

Include Exclude Products
Include Exclude Products

Include Author

This option lets you include products published by a particular author on your website.

Exclude Author

This option lets you exclude products published by a particular author on your website.

Exclude Product

This option lets you exclude a particular product from the display. If you use this option, even if the product falls under the category you have selected, it will not be displayed.

Other Sorting Options

Number of Products

The number of products bar lets us conveniently set the number of items to be displayed. We can set the number just with a simple scroll.

Number Offset Products
Number Offset Products

Offset Products

The offset-product bar lets us offset products if we need to. Just scrolling the bar and setting the number will effectively offset the products.

Product Status

Suppose you have multiple products in your grid or have selected products based on categories, tags, views, etc. You can set the product to display by status as 

  • All
  • Featured
  • On Sale
Product Status
Product Status

Stock Status

The Stock status option lets you display your products based on their status. You can set it to display only your 

  • In-stock
  • Out-of-stock
  • On-backorder

Yes, with ProductX, you can allow products on backorder.

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