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Home Page

You can easily create a custom home page for your WooCommerce store by following the below steps.

Step-1. Turn on WooCommerce Builder

First, you must turn on the WooCommerce Builder of ProductX to use it. For that:

Turn on WooCommerce Builder Addon
  • Go to the Addons section of ProductX
  • Turn on the WooCommerce Builder

Step-2. Start Creating Custom Home Page

Now go to the Builder section of ProductX and select the home page option.

Start Creating Custom Home Page

Step-3. Import Premade Template

Now you will see two options to start with. Either you can import any of the starter packs (premade templates) or start from scratch.

Import Premade Template

Explore and decide which one you want to use and click on the import button of the desired starter pack. The template will be added to the page.

Step-4. Customize the Template

All the starter packs are good to go but you can also customize them if required. After importing a template, you can see that it is the combination of multiple WooCoommerce Blocks of ProductX. You can customize any of the blocks individually.

Customize Template

After you are done with the customization just click on the publish button and your custom page is ready. Then you just need to set it as the home page.

Step-5. Set the New Template as Home Page

Now go to the theme customizer option and click on the “Home Page” setting. From all available pages, select the “Shop Page“. That’s all your custom home page ready.

*** Note: The above-mentioned process will replace the custom home page with the shop page.

Now, what if you want to keep the custom home page and shop page together? Don’t worry ProductX got your back. You can also create a custom home page without using the builder. So that, you will be able to set the page as your new home page and keep the shop page as it is. For that just follow the below steps.

Step-1. Create a New Page

From your WordPress dashboard, go to the page section and click on add new. So that, you can create a new page which will be your home page. Add a name to the page for example, “Home Page”.

Step-2. Import Starter Pack

Now click on the “Block Library” option. A new window will pop up. From here you can use any of the available starter packs by clicking the import button. Then you can customize it required. At last, when you are done with the customization just click on the publish button.

Step-3. Set the New Page as Home Page

The custom page is ready and now you just need to add the page as your home page from the theme customizer option.

If you follow these steps, the home page will be separated from the shop page. And, if you also want to create a custom shop page you can see the process by clicking here.

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