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Single Product Page

Here’s how to create a custom single product page:

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

2. Select ProductX, then Go to WooCommerce Builder. Select Add Single Product.

WooCommerce Builder
WooCommerce Builder

3. Select Start from scratch (if you want to make it from scratch) or Import a template (if you want a premade template).

Single Product Starting
Single Product Starting

4. Click the icon (toggle block inserter), and then add the desired Blocks to complete your product page. We have 13 new drag and drop blocks you can use to

Single Product Blocks
Single Product Blocks

5. **Now hit Publish. You will see a popup box of “Where Do You Want to Display Your Template?”
Here Select Include; Select Products and then select All.
Then Select Save Condition and Exit the Popup box by clicking the Cross (X) button. And then Click Publish

Single Product Condition
Single Product Condition and Publish


You can create one template for all product pages by choosing “Products” and “All”. It is possible to create a unique template for a particular product by selecting “Products” and choosing the “desired product name”. Or, you can also create different templates for the products of specific categories/sub-categories by selecting “in product categories / in child product categories”.]

And you have successfully created your custom single product page.

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