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Dynamic Rules

Here are the rules for setting wholesale pricing for your WooCommerce B2B store. 

To do that:

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard - WholesaleX
WordPress Dashboard – WholesaleX

2. Then go to WholesaleX → Dynamic Rules

WholesaleX Dynamic Rules
WholesaleX Dynamic Rules

3. Click “Create Dynamic Rule” to create a section of the customizable rule. Click on it to expand, and set up the rules. Give a title of your rule for the wholesale pricing rule. You’ll see a toggle option beside the title to enable/disable the rule.

WholesaleX Creating Dynamic Rules
WholesaleX Creating Dynamic Rules

4. To select the rule type, click on the dropdown menu and select your preferred discounts (or other options).

WholesaleX Dynamic Rule Type
WholesaleX Dynamic Rule Type

5. The same goes for the user role; click the dropdown and select the desired role.

WholesaleX Dynamic Role Selection
WholesaleX Dynamic Role Selection

6. To select the products in which you’ll customize your wholesale pricing, click the dropdown of the product filter.

WholesaleX Dynamic Product Filter
WholesaleX Dynamic Product Filter

This is a basic wholesale pricing rule guideline. 

You can create the following Rules with Dynamic Rule creator. Which are:

  • Product Discount
  • Quantity Based Discount (Tiered Pricing)
  • Cart Discount
  • Payment Discount
  • Tax Rule
  • Shipping Rule
  • Payment Order Quantity
  • Extra Charge

Also, you will get some optional conditions to choose from with WholesaleX.

To give discounts on a specific cart’s quantity value or weight, you have to expand the Conditions (Optional). After That:

WholesaleX Dynamic Rule Optional Conditions
WholesaleX Dynamic Rule Optional Conditions

1. Choose your preferred conditions from the dropdown menu (the options define themselves).

2. Choose your defining operators, such as less than or greater than.

3. Then, input the defining amount of your products.

Also, you can limit the number of these discounts that can be availed; or you want to give such discounts for a limited time.

To do that, you have to expand the Date and Limit Rule. And then: 

WholesaleX Dynamic Rule Date and Limit Rules
WholesaleX Dynamic Rule Date and Limit Rules

1. Type how many times (in numeric) a user can avail of this discount in the Usage Limit Field.

2. Select the Start Date and End Date (which defines the date from which users can get this discount).


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