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Payment Order Quantity

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard - WholesaleX

2. Then go to WholesaleX → Dynamic Rules

WholesaleX Dynamic Rules

3. Click “Create Dynamic Rule”, and name your Rule Title

WholesaleX Creating Dynamic Rules

4. On the Rule Type, Select Payment Order Quantity.

WholesaleX Payment Order Quantity Rule Selection

5. On the Select User/Role, select any (according to your need): All Users / All Roles / Specific Users / Specific Roles.

WholesaleX Dynamic Role Selection

6. Choose your preferred one from the dropdown menu on the Product Filter.

WholesaleX Dynamic Product Filter

7. In the Payment Order Quantity Section, Select your Preferred Payment Gateway. Then Choose Order Quantity.
Click save, and Toggle the Enable this Rule button.

Payment Order Quantity Settings and Rule Applying

And you’re done creating a WooCommerce Payment Order Quantity with WholesaleX.

WholesaleX Dynamic Rule Date and Limit Rules

WholesaleX Dynamic Rule Date and Limit Rules

1. Type how many times (in numeric) a user can avail of this discount in the Usage Limit Field.

2. Select the Start Date and End Date (which defines the date from which users can get this discount).

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