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Pro Version Installation

After downloading the free version and using its features, it is only reasonable to purchase the premium pro version; our plugin is that good!

Accessing the premium features is simple after purchasing. To use WholesaleX, ensure you have the free version of the plugin. For the plugin to function correctly, you must install both the paid and free versions.

Licensing process 

Using the WholesaleX plugin’s premium features is easy if you follow these steps. To purchase and use the pro version of WholesaleX, you must first be a registered user.

  • After purchasing the WholesaleX Pro Plugin, log in to your WPXPO account using your email and password.
  • Now go to ‘My_Account. ‘
  • Then you go to ‘My Order.’
  • After that, go to ‘View Details and ‘Downloads.’
  • Finally, go to ‘Products.’ You will find your License Key by clicking on the ‘Key’ icon.
  • Copy the license key.
  • Go back to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Once you are logged in to your WordPress dashboard, you will find the ‘License’ option under the ‘WholesaleX Blocks’ tab. Click on it.
  • Now add your license key and click on ‘Activate.’
  • Finally, click the ‘Check and Save’ button to complete the Licensing Process.

After following these steps, you will directly see the license renewal status from your WPXPO control panel. The license can be deactivated to be used elsewhere.

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