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Global Settings

CSS Add Via

Ultimate Post Blocks CSS store has two different options “Header” and “File System”. CSS is here save in both database and file system. File System is a faster and smarter way to add CSS in page. When you are developing your site use the “Header” option. Because it has no cache if you are using “File System” sometimes you face a caching issue on your page. So we recommended using the “Header” option in developing and “File System” for live site.

Preloader Style

Ultimate Post Blocks comes with “AJAX Load More”, “AJAX Filter”, “AJAX Next Previous” and “AJAX Pagination”. In the time of AJAX calling this preloader is showing on the blocks.

Container Width

Ultimate Post Blocks has a default template. The nowadays different website comes with a different container size that’s why you can set our page templates container width.

Hide Import Button

Hide Import Layout Button from the Gutenberg Editor. Some of our customer complain that this button causes a problem to them. Because of customer problem we add an option to hide this button.

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